Quick Tip: Turn Off “Open Listings Report” Emails

Do you get an email every day (or perhaps even more than one) like this?

Open Listing Email


AmDash, as well as some other third party systems, pulls some of the data from Amazon using their Reports API, which has the effect that Amazon sends you the above totally-unhelpful emails.

Good news — you can turn these off!

Here’s how.

1. Log in to Seller Central, go to to the Settings menu in the top right corner, and choose Notification Preferences.



2. Scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page to the Reports section.

Click Edit for that section (on the right), then uncheck the box next to Open Listings Report.

Turn off Open Listings Report


3. The “Edit” button has changed to a Save button — one more click there and you’re all set.

Whew! Nice to cut out one more bit of Spam, eh?