Product “Nicknames” in AmDash

One of the little but oh-so-nice features of AmDash is the ability to set product “nicknames”.

What are Nicknames, exactly?

We all know that despite Amazon’s recommendations it’s currently considered best practice to stuff a bunch of extra information and keywords into your product listing title.

You may have 3 products, for example, with titles like:

  • #1 rated garlic press for home and professional use · stainless steel · comes with new bag!
  • Garlic storage bin for home and professional use · stainless steel · money back guarantee!
  • #1 best garlic press for medical use · steel and black plastic · now with 10″ handle

When you’re viewing a page in Seller Central for these products, it takes time and effort to identify which one is which.

That’s why in AmDash you can add “nicknames”, so that on any page or in any of our notification emails you can simply see:

  • Garlic press – Steel
  • Garlic storage bin – 2016 version
  • Garlic press – Black plastic

Isn’t that so much better? Easy to scan and understand. Quicker to find the one you want to do something with.

What’s new?

Prior to today, to add nicknames you had to go to the Settings > Product Settings page. You can still do this, to edit all the information about your products at once; but now you can also just click the product name on the Dashboard and add a nickname directly.


Wait, but will this change my Amazon listing?

No no no…. most certainly not.

We are just making things easier for you within AmDash (and our email reports). We understand that there are reasons for the long and potentially cluttered listing title, and adding a Nickname in AmDash doesn’t affect your listing in any way.

Your Turn...

Are you using product nicknames yet? If not, why?