Is AmDash for Me?

We designed AmDash primarily for businesses like ours.

For background: we own our own private label brand, and currently sell primarily on Amazon. Right now we have 5 different products, 2 of which have color variations. We’re slowing working up to ~10-20 private label products.

Like you, we want to run this business with as little stress and busywork as possible… which is why we use FBA for almost all our sales and why we created AmDash.

How many products should I have to use AmDash?

If you don’t have a product on Amazon yet, it’s too early to sign up for AmDash. 🙂

If you have 1 to 50 products that you sell consistently on Amazon, AmDash is perfect for you.

If your personal warehouse looks like the picture below, you have probably outgrown AmDash.


I do Retail Arbitrage. Is AmDash for me?

If you only sell against other people’s SKUs (as in “retail arbitrage” or “online arbitrage”) and if your product selection changes constantly, then AmDash is probably not what you’re looking for. It would still be handy to monitor your daily sales; but you won’t get as much benefit to some of the deeper profitability and inventory tracking features.

What if I sell outside the US?

Currently we only pull data for the US ( marketplace. If you dabble in sales to other countries like or you can still use AmDash to keep tabs on your US sales, but we can’t yet show you anything about your foreign sales.

I do mostly or all FBM (fulfilled by me). Will AmDash work?

Yup. You’ll miss out on some of the value in our FBA-specific reports; but we absolutely support FBM sellers.

Do you integrate with…

Nope, not yet. 🙂

We’ve heard some requests to support Shopify, eBay, and Etsy selling as well. For the foreseeable future we are focused 100% on folks that sell (primarily) on Amazon. We believe this will allow us to make AmDash even more useful to private label Amazon sellers like you.

Other Questions?

Let us know! We’re happy to help, and we’ll post the answer here if it will be useful to others.