Free Cost-Per-Unit Calculator

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-12-56-22-pmUnderstanding Cost-Per-Unit

To fully understand your profitability, you need to know exactly how much each unit costs you to produce.

The value of your inventory, as recorded in your accounting, is based on the total amount it costs you to get units produced, packaged, and shipped to your warehouse.

When you sell on Amazon, you also want to know the cost (per unit) to not only get it to you, but to actually land it in Amazon’s warehouses.

(If you ship directly to Amazon, these two numbers will be the same.)

This is Cost-Per-Unit, also known as COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), and is what you enter into AmDash for each product in order to see extremely accurate profit estimates.

Easy (Free) Calculator

To make it easier to compute these values, we put together a simple calculator. Just put in a few values, and we’ll do the calculations and show you your exact CPU, both with and without re-shipping included.

The calculator is available for free on our website here.


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