Early Adopter Program

As an early user of AmDash, you should get some kind of special treatment, right? We totally agree.

Discounts For Life

The earlier you sign up for a paid plan with AmDash the less you will pay. Forever.

For a limited time customers that sign up for a paid plan can lock in the currently discounted price of $9.99/mo — and your price will not increase even as we add functionality and phase out this discount.

We anticipate raising the price of our basic package as we build out functionality and make AmDash even more valuable to your business; but you can sign up today and only pay $9.99 forever.

In a nutshell… the sooner you sign up, the more you will save. For life.

Because it’s nice to know that the tools that you rely on will not continue to take more and more out of your bottom line over time.

Support and Requests

As an early customer you have our full attention. We want to work with you to make AmDash more and more useful for your business.

We have big plans already, based on the Amazon private label business that we have been running since 2014; but we are absolutely open to ideas from you. You may have a particular view/graph/alert/etc that would be super helpful that we just haven’t thought of… or your business may have particular issues that are slightly different from ours. Either way — you have our ear.

Imagine… you could have exactly the virtual assistant you’ve always wanted. Just keep the feedback coming.

Help Us Grow and Earn Cash

Why would you want to help AmDash grow? The more private label business we have using AmDash, the more data we will be able to crunch in order to increase our guidance and alerts. For example we would like to be able to tell you when Amazon has a particularly high or low sales day in your niche, so you can see how your sales compare.

Need another reason? OK how about this…

For every person you introduce who ends up using AmDash, you will receive $2 off, per month, for as long as they continue to use AmDash.

That’s right — get some people in your mastermind group using AmDash and your account could be totally free. (You are in a mastermind group, right?)

If you are in a position to introduce AmDash to a large number of potential customers, contact us to discuss affiliate payments. We believe AmDash is a great value for the money (and will only get better) and we have no problem rewarding anyone who helps us reach and help more Amazon private label sellers.