Cost-Per-Unit Calculator


We entered some sample data just to show how the calculator works. You can Tab between boxes.

1. Enter the number of units in this batch in the first green box.

Easy, right?

2. Enter all costs associated with the whole batch the second section.

Delete the value in any green square that you don’t need… e.g. “Packaging & Extras” may be zero for you.

The number in the pink box shows the total per-unit production cost, which is useful for some things like calculating total inventory value.

3. Record the cost and number of units for at least 1-2 typical inbound shipments (to Amazon)

This should give you a good average per-unit cost of your inbound re-shipping for the batch.
(If you ship directly to amazon, leave all the boxes in this section blank.)

4. The value in the purple box at the bottom is your Cost Per Unit for this product.

If you would like a Google-Docs version of this calculator so you can store your values for future reference, we’ve got you covered.