Category: Minor Updates

Small Update: Even Fresher Data

The “Today’s Sales” widget just got even better!

We started off with hourly updating, and only while you were logged into AmDash.

After testing to make sure we won’t exceed Amazon’s API limits, we have updated AmDash to pull your sales for today every 20 minutes!

That means anytime you log in to AmDash, from mobile or desktop, you will see your current day’s sales right away rather than having to wait a minute for an initial data fetch.


Bugfix: Profit off when Fees data is missing

Quick update on this lovely Friday…

To help you better understand your actual profitability, we pull FBA fees from Amazon and subtract those from the profit numbers that AmDash displays.

Sometimes, usually when a product has not sold within 3 days, the Amazon API tells us that the fees for a particular product are zero. Not helpful!

We just made two changes to minimize the impact of this, and will continue to work to eliminate the issue entirely by pulling data from an additional API. Here are the changes we just made:

  1. On the Dashboard, if we don’t (yet) have data for a SKU, we indicate that with a small clock icon (see the second image below.) Hover over the icon for an explanation of the issue.
  2. When Amazon tell us “0” for a SKU, if we have good data from any previous sales we will use that instead. (This happens, for example, if you go out of stock for a few days and then get back in-stock.)


The missing data will automatically resolve within 24 hours of the next sale; but that’s not good enough for us… it’s confusing to see any incorrect numbers, especially when you first start using AmDash. We’ll find a way around the oddity in this API and will update this post when it’s done.



We’ll keep working to make AmDash better and better.

You keep letting us know how it can be better for you!

(Many thanks to the AmDash user who reported this to us when they had an out-of-stock issue!)