Announcing the new History page

Have you ever wanted to see more of your sales history for a particular product than you can see on your AmDash Dashboard?

Well now you can.

Introducing the History Page

Your history page, pictured below, will default to showing Estimated Profit by Week.

We give you the totals across all products, and then of course below it we break the numbers out by individual SKU.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.34.08 PM

What is Displayed

By default, we show Estimated Profit, since profits are really the name of the game.

You can change this to # of Units or Gross Sales, if you prefer, using the dropdown menu at the top. (Changing that menu will control all charts on the page.)

Time Periods

When you visit the History page for the first time you will see your numbers totaled up by week.

Day-to-day fluctuations can make it hard to spot trends… but week over week you should be able to see clearly whether each product is growing over time.

When viewing by week, we show you the last half-year (26 weeks). If you change to viewing by month, we show the prior 12 months. When viewing by day, you will see the last 30 days.

Three Final Notes

  1. These graphs only show you previous periods; if you are viewing by Month on July 20th, for example, you won’t yet see a bar for July.
  2. Note that you can hover over any of the bars to see the numerical value for that period.
  3. The display order of your products is controlled from the Settings > Product Settings page. (Use the top-right menu to access that.)


One Request for You:

If you find that you need more historical data for some reason, for example if you need daily data for a previous month, let us know about your use case and we’ll see what we can do!