July 2017

AmDash Mobile — Sales and Inventory On the Go

Ever wanted to check sales or inventory on your phone?

Now You Can!

We recently released a mobile version of AmDash, customized specifically for smart phones.

This is just the beginning…

We have much more planned for the mobile version of AmDash (as well as the web version).

But it’s already too useful to not share with you.

Here’s where we started:

  • Quickly see today’s sales, both in total and by product.
  • Skip back through sales history by day, for the last month
  • Includes promo and PPC cost, for any day prior to today
  • View all inventory by product, and update “on hand” inventory
  • View profitability, by product, and totals by month

We have been using it and digging it, and I hope you do too.

How to access mobile AmDash:

On your phone’s browser, just go to: m.myAmDash.com

Save it to your homepage for easy access in the future!
(How to save to Home Page instructions)

What Next?

Thanks to everyone who filled out the mobile survey a few weeks ago. We used your input to help select our initial features, and will keep referring to it as we plan our next steps.

That said if you have a strong opinion as to the next thing you want added to the mobile version of AmDash please reply and let us know!