February 2017

Small Update: Even Fresher Data

The “Today’s Sales” widget just got even better!

We started off with hourly updating, and only while you were logged into AmDash.

After testing to make sure we won’t exceed Amazon’s API limits, we have updated AmDash to pull your sales for today every 20 minutes!

That means anytime you log in to AmDash, from mobile or desktop, you will see your current day’s sales right away rather than having to wait a minute for an initial data fetch.


New in AmDash: Today Widget!

Today we’re releasing our most-requested feature to-date… the “Today Widget”!

You’re used to seeing this on the Dashboard:


If you log in now, you should see this instead:


Today’s sales will load when you first log in (takes a minute to fetch the data) and will refresh itself automatically every hour thereafter as long as your browser is open.  You can also manually trigger a refresh after 20 minutes if you don’t want to wait until the end of the hour.

The data we pull from Amazon’s API should be up-to-date to within 5 minutes.

6 units of what?

But “6 units sold” isn’t as informative as you might like… after all one of the frustrations with Amazon’s dashboard and mobile app is that it only shows you the total number of units.

So we also added a new button in the main Dashboard area, so you can toggle the “sales” column back between “yesterday’s sales” and “today’s sales” — just click the little pencil icon to switch back and forth.

(AmDash will remember which setting you left it on and will show you that next time you log in; because that’s just polite.)