December 2016

New: Cost-Per-Unit Calculator, Product Details Page

We recently rolled out a new page in AmDash without announcing it. The reason for the secrecy is simply that we still have a lot more we want to add to this new page; still, it is already useful so it’s time to let folks know about it.

From the Dashboard page (or most any page with product thumbnails) click on the image to get to the new Product Details page.

Product Details Page



We have plans to add much more to the summary section at top, as well as a couple of additional graphs such as BSR and profitability over time.

Cost-Per-Unit Calculator

Below the current graph, though, you’ll see an option to Create New Batch. Clicking this presents you with a built-in version of the CPU calculator we shared with the world here.

If you have all the info for a batch, you can quickly calculate your CPU and click “Save and Apply” to have AmDash start using that value in your profit estimates. If you are just starting a batch you may not have all the costs yet; you can still save this info as a Draft and come back later to finalize your numbers.

The bottom of the calculator also helps you track how long each product batch takes to produce and ship, to help you refine your re-order planning over time.

Check it out in your AmDash dashboard today!

Got ideas for making the Product Details page better? Let us know!

Inventory Page: On Order -> On Hand

The Inventory Page in AmDash helps you keep track of not only what is sitting at Amazon, but what is earlier in your supply chain as well.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-27-15-am


When you place an order with your supplier, go ahead and update the “on hand” quantities for those SKUs, and overnight AmDash will update the reorder recommendations you see at the top of the screen.

What’s New?

Until today, when your order arrived you would have to manually change “on order” to zero and change “on hand” to whatever amount you just deleted.


Well that’s just silly. So we fixed it!


Now you can just click the little arrow between those two cells and we’ll move the “on order” amount over to “on hand” instantly.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life more pleasant.