Stay in Stock. Understand your Profitability. Build your Business.

Analytics and alerts to help you sell more on Amazon with less time and less stress.

More than just an Amazon dashboard

AmDash saves you hours every month and keeps you on top of your business

Sales & Profits

How many units of each of your products do you sell per week? What are your margins? How much did you actually earn yesterday?

Amazon only shows “gross sales” which does not even tell you if you are breaking even.

AmDash shows you exactly how much you actually profit, on each product, every day.

Inventory Under Control

Going out-of-stock can put a huge hole in your bottom line.

Not only do you lose sales to competitors while you’re waiting for more inventory, it takes time and PPC spending to get back on top.

AmDash runs the math for you and tells you when to send more to Amazon, and when it’s time to reorder from your suppliers.

Info Right In Your Inbox

The daily Morning Pulse email gives you a clear picture of what happened yesterday without spending time clicking around Seller Central.

Weekly and Monthly summaries help you understand the health of your products and your business.

What’s your time worth? AmDash will give you back hours every month while reducing the stress of managing the Amazon sales channel.

Why AmDash?

Amazon is great for buyers; but the software tools they make available to us sellers does not exactly make it easy to stay on top of everything…

Amazon only tracks your inventory once you’ve sent it to their warehouses; it will never help you manage your whole supply chain.

In addition Amazon only reports on your Gross Sales and total # of units sold. It does not make it easy to get a handle on your sales velocity on a per-product basis; and it doesn’t tell you anything about your overall profitability or margins.

To fill in those gaps and take care of our business we muddled through with a number of Google Spreadsheets… but this meant time spent on data entry instead of growing our business.

So we built AmDash for running exactly this kind of business.

Actionable data at a glance. The ability to track our progress towards the business of our dreams. Timely email alerts, so we don’t have to log into Seller Central to know what is going on.

AmDash has saved us hours every week, and Sproutwise profits have increased as a result of better supply chain management.

If you are selling on Amazon and want to grow your business faster, with less stress, then AmDash is for you.

Currently available for the Amazon US marketplace only. Must have a “professional” seller’s account.

Features & Benefits

AmDash saves you time and keeps you in control of your business.

Actionable Information at Your Fingertips

Yesterday's Numbers

Totals for yesterday, along with sales and actual profit for each product. Which products are actually making you money?

Sales Trends

So you sold 12 yesterday; was that good? Easily see your averages as well as which products are growing.

Upcoming Payment

We show what you can expect for your next payment, so you can plan your cashflow.

Stay In Stock

We help you avoid expensive out-of-stock incidents, with time-based inventory estimates based on your sales history.

You can quickly scan the inventory section of your Dashboard (or your Inventory Report email) to see exactly which products you should send to Amazon this week. Critical items are automatically flagged in your Inventory Reports.

Easy Reorder Planning

AmDash helps you easily track on-hand inventory, and applies a customizable per-product lead time, to show you when it’s time to contact your supplier and get the next batch started.

Planning the next batch is also easier when you can see exactly how many you sell per week, on average. Want to order 10 weeks worth? Great… you know at a glance that you should order 750 units.

Profits, not Sales

All of Amazon’s reports show just your gross sales. Much more important is how much you are actually profiting. How much do you make on each product, each week? Each year? AmDash will show you.

Margin Analysis

AmDash helps you understand exactly how much you make on each SKU, and how each one contributes to your overall profitability.

Yearly Rollup

AmDash takes your current sales and projects out your yearly profit. We also track your progress towards your overall goal of financial independence.

You're Always in the Loop with our Morning Pulse Email

We push key information and alerts to you, so you don’t even need to log into AmDash (or Seller Central) to keep on top of things.

Timely Information

Detailed breakdown of yesterday's activity, by product

Trend Data

Context to help you understand the health of your business, and each product.

You're In Control

You decide which days to receive your morning briefing.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Just Connect AmDash to your Seller Central account, and we will immediately start pulling in your products and recent sales history.

We’ll automatically update your sales figures and inventory every 20 minutes.

Let AmDash keep track of the details, so you can get back to what’s more important.

Access your data from anywhere.

Stay on top of your business from your laptop, tablet, or even on the go on any smartphone.

New: AmDash Mobile puts your data at your fingertips. Update inventory and check your sales on the go!

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Everything You Need

  • Sales & Inventory Dashboard
  • Daily Sales Report via Email
  • Profitability Analysis by Product
  • Sales and Profit History
  • Up to 100 SKUs
  • (More to come soon!)
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Power Seller Plan

  • Everything in "basic plan" Plus:
  • Support for 101-500 SKUs
  • Support for Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
  • Additional Historical Data
  • Priority Support
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